Sudden Coffee

Sudden energy. Sudden delight. Delivered.

Make really great coffee in just a few seconds.


Fits into your life.

Skip the lines, avoid the mess. Get on with your day! Instant coffee was never this fast or pleasing or tasty or anything.

Tastes like pour over. Works like instant.

Sudden Coffee's beans are selected by our team of award-winning baristas for a rich, full flavor not found in other instant coffees.

Our beans are grown on fertile soil resulting in sweeter beans, then hand-picked and washed only when perfectly ripe.

Instant coffee like no other.


Critically acclaimed, loved by members.

Now all you need to make specialty-grade coffee is a cup, a spoon, some water and a few seconds to spare.

Sudden Coffee is of a completely different caliber than its competitors.

The end result is hands down the best instant coffee I’ve had.

Just pour and stir. It’s that easy. And it’s delicious.

You can mix it with cold milk. COLD was refreshing, toasty, and perfectly sweetened by the dairy.

The order I received was very good. It is perfect for those times you need a good cup of coffee, but can't wait on your drip or french press.

Great tasting, super convenient, awesome fun packaging (love the little test tubes), easy to give one to a friend as part of a little gift. I love sudden coffee :-)

Fun diversion from suffocating feeling we're alone in the universe.

It tastes great and is super easy to make. I love getting information about the beans and seeing my name handwritten on the envelope is a nice touch.


Radically delicious,
Artisanal instant coffee.

Winter blend available now!

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"Instant Coffee You'll Actually Want to Drink!"
- The New York Times


Artisanal cafe taste.

Coffees that taste like your favorite cafe. Ethically sourced, sustainably grown, and curated for you.


Easy to brew.

Just add hot (or cold) water & stir - that's it!


Made convenient.

Delivered monthly to your door. No lines, no machines, no grounds. No problems!


Orders Arrive in 3-4 Days!

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Transforming coffee breaks into moments of bliss.

Craft meets science, to reinvent instant coffee.

Sudden Coffee was created by the World's 9th Best Barista and a Stanford Engineer.

Our coffee is brewed with a revolutionary method, never before used for instant coffee.

Then freeze-dried in small batches to make instant coffee that tastes like it came from a cafe.

It's the easiest way to have a blissful coffee break during your busy schedule.

Cafe Pour-over Taste
Compostable Packaging
Mix Hot or Cold

Meet our Master Barista

Sudden Coffee is crafted by Umeko Motoyoshi.

Trained by the best at San Francisco's Blue Bottle Coffee & Four Barrel Coffee, Umeko is a licensed Q-grader - a coffee sommelier.

Umeko hand-selects our single-origin beans, brews each coffee with extreme care, & oversees our freeze-drying process herself.

Ethical, Small Farm Coffee
100% Coffee, No Additives
Fair Wage Supply Chain
A New Coffee Each Quarter

Taste what you've been missing!

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"Sudden Coffee is of a completely different caliber than its competition. It has a surprisingly pleasant aroma, a mature, fruity sweetness, nice acidity, and lingers well on the tongue."

Vice News

Press reviews...

"Don't think of it as a revolutionary new form of instant coffee. Think of it as REALLY GOOD COFFEE that happens to be instant."

Matthew Lucks

Customer reviews...

Truly enjoy your next coffee break.

Treat yourself to an amazing cup of coffee.

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Crystallized coffee that's better
than a $4 Starbucks

'Northern Lights' Winter Blend - Available Now

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  • "An instant coffee that tastes like a pour over you'd get in a specialty cafe"
    - PASTE Magazine

Made like no other instant coffee in the world.

100% Arabica, single origins beans
A revolutionary new brewing method
Freeze-dried in small batches

Designed by the World's 9th Best Barista and a Stanford Engineer. 


Every cup is overseen by our Master Barista.

Umeko Motoyoshi fine tunes each step to bring the best traits out of every coffee we release.

Ethical, Small Farm Coffee
No Additives, Just Coffee
Fair Wage Supply Chain

This is what Sudden Coffee tastes like

"A surprisingly pleasant aroma and a mature, fruity sweetness"


"Full bodied, almost caramel-y without any bitterness to speak of" 


"So clean and elegant you get all the floral notes in a coffee"


Try it all for just $3.

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Thoughtfully designed for your convenience.

Mixes on Ice
Monthly Deliveries
Compostable Packaging
A New Coffee Each Quarter

Crafted to turn your coffee breaks into moments of bliss.

Sudden drinkers get to have it all.

"Delicious and perfectly consistent every single time."

Clay Ostrom
Los Angeles, CA

"It is truly the best Cup of Joe I may have ever tasted!"

Shannon Coutros
Long Branch, NJ

"A convenient 'coffee experience' with exceptional service"

David Protz
Chicago, IL

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Treat yourself to an amazing coffee break.

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