Sudden Coffee


Rayos: A New Vibrant Light Roast

We've got a brand new, light roasted coffee. Rayos Del Sol - an organic, single origin Peru - was sourced and roasted by Intelligentsia Coffee. Its flavors remind us of apricot, lime, and molasses. We're thrilled to share it with you!


How And Why We Freeze Dry Our Coffees

People ask about how we make Sudden Coffee all the time, and up to this point we’ve been pretty quiet about it. But it’s time we explain one of the key elements of our process in greater detail: freeze-drying.


The Science Of Coffee Roasting

Every mug of coffee has a rich history. There are dozens of stages in the coffee production journey, and often hundreds of people play roles in getting the coffee beans (or instant powder) to you. We sat down with our VP of Operations, Leslie Mah, to talk about one of these stages that’s often misunderstood: coffee roasting.


The Complete Guide To Coffee Bean Origins: Asia And The Pacific

Have you enjoyed the deep flavors of coffee grown on the mountainous islands of Indonesia? What about coffee harvested in the shadows of ancient Myanmar temples? Asia and the Pacific islands, including the coffee they produce, are not as well explored as other world regions by Western coffee markets—but it’s time we change that.


The Complete Guide To Coffee Bean Origins: Central America

Ever tasted coffee grown on the active volcanoes of Guatemala? What about coffee harvested from farms around the Mayan temples of Honduras? Central America is fascinating and diverse world region—and so is its coffee. Despite being more commonly seen in the United States than other coffee origins due to its proximity, coffee from Central America can still be quite the surprise.


The Complete Guide To Coffee Bean Origins: South America

Ever tasted coffee grown on mountain slopes around Machu Picchu? What about coffee grown along ‘the most dangerous road in the world’ near La Paz, Bolivia? For many people, the South American continent is a sort of unexplored frontier, culturally, geographically, and also when it comes to its coffee.


Cristalina: From Seed to Crystal

We’re excited to introduce our newest coffee, Cristalina! This single origin Colombian coffee was roasted by our friends at Equator Coffees – then gently brewed and crystallized here at Sudden. Its flavors remind us of fresh melon, Juicy Fruit gum, and chocolate chip cookies. Curious to try it? A free trial is available here. 


New Beta Launch: 24-Cup Sudden Coffee Pouches

We just launched a new beta product—a 24-cup pouch! While we got our start with single-serve tubes, many of our customers have been asking for an option that is (1) cheaper, (2) uses less packaging, and (3) is easier to use at home on the countertop. We listened!  


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