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5 Times When Sudden Coffee Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

Instant coffee often has a reputation for being lazy, uninspired, and bland. We knew we would have to fight these stereotypes when we started, which is why we carefully designed Sudden Coffee to not just be delicious, but versatile.

Sudden isn't just something you pop open when you need a jolt of energy here or there. When used properly, it can be motivating, restful, and life-enhancing.

Here are some of the times when Sudden Coffee can be more than just tasty instant coffee.

The Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Poorly performing Keurig machines and oil-stained coffee pots are the unfortunate standard when it comes to office coffee. For lovers of specialty coffee, these devices don’t offer a cup of coffee that’s tasty or satisfying—just one with some caffeine.

But caffeine alone isn’t why we love coffee. The aromas, the diverse flavors, the satisfaction that comes from coffee that’s well grown, processed, and brewed—that’s all part of the experience as well.

Whether you’re at the office across town, the office in your home, or a coworking space down the street, Sudden is a moment to appreciate a rejuvenating beverage that doesn’t just give you a caffeine boost, but a satisfying mental lift as well.

And the nice part is, all the hard work is done for you. You just stir the Sudden into the water and enjoy.

The Winter Warmth

There’s something about a warm mug of coffee in your hands once the air begins to cool and the leaves begin to change. Getting cozy under a blanket, relaxing to your favorite movie, sipping on delicious coffee—it’s an experience like none other.

Sudden Coffee changes how you arrive at this peaceful moment. Instead of having to grind coffee beans and take a few minutes to brew them, all you have to do is stir the powder into some hot water and relax.

The Summer Refresher

Not every moment calls for a hot mug of coffee. When the sun comes out and things turn green again, you want something iced, refreshing, and inspiring. Warm afternoons on the porch with a glass of iced coffee hit the spot.

Rather than cold brewing beans in advance or sacrificing flavor by brew hot coffee and pouring it over ice, Sudden enables you to simply add cold water, shake, top with ice, and enjoy. It just takes a moment or two to end up with a cool, fresh glass of iced coffee.

Have a sweet tooth? Dissolve the Sudden just one ounce of hot water and pour over ice cream for a Sudden Affogato. Or, mix soda water into the Sudden for an iced coffee soda. You’ve got a lot of options here.

The Alt Travel Brew

Coffee on the road tends to be less-than-amazing. The hotel one-cup brewers have questionable things growing on them, bringing along the french press sounds too stressful, and your Aunt Meredith’s Folger’s just doesn’t cut it.

  • Grandmother’s house — Of course you love her, but there’s no familial bond demanding your loyalty to her sad stale coffee.
  • Your company’s favorite hotel — There’s no need for you to turn your hotel room into a semi-functional cafe, and you certainly don’t have to settle for those gross one-cup brewers.
  • The great outdoors — Don’t bring a bunch of extra heavy gear on your outdoor adventures, and no, gritty cowboy coffee isn’t the only other option.

You don’t have to settle for mediocre coffee or stressful brewing while you travel. Sudden Coffee tubes are light, compact, and perfect for brewing tasty specialty coffee in seconds—no matter where you are.

Grandmother’s house becomes more fun than ever to visit because you’re well-caffeinated. Your sterile, boring hotel can be the location of an incredible, simple coffee experience. Climbing Mount Everest (or the mound of dirt in the backyard)? We’ve got you covered.

The Evening’s Treat

There are a variety of coffee cocktails out there, but most of them require something that’s difficult for the average coffee lover to get: a rich shot of espresso.

Brewing espresso at home is expensive, frustrating, and requires a lot of practice to do well. Thankfully, you can forget all about that.

If you mix a tube of Sudden Coffee with just 1-2 ounces of hot water and stir rapidly, you’ll end up with an espresso-like coffee beverage. You can then use this as an easy, affordable substitute for espresso or cold brew in cocktail recipes.

Are you a fan of the popular espresso martini? What about a grand cappuccino?

Or better yet, the very first cocktail created with Sudden: Suddenly Tipsy. Featuring Sudden Coffee, three parts whiskey, one part Benedictine, a dash of Angostura bitters, and orange zest, it may be the best coffee cocktail you’ve ever had.

Customize Your Coffee Experiences

Whether you use Sudden as your daily afternoon coffee break or you save your tubes for travel days, you have complete control over your brew.

  • Want your coffee to be stronger? Add more powder or use a little less water.
  • Want to tone down the coffee’s strength? Use less powder or a little more water.

We didn’t create Sudden Coffee to just accomplish one thing. We created it to empower you to brew coffee you love whenever, wherever, and however you want.

Take it on your journeys abroad. Let it be the tasty replacement of your office’s Keurig. Sip on a mixed Sudden drink after a long day of good work.

Make it your own.

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