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Rayos: A New Vibrant Light Roast

Recently, we asked 600 of our customers - what kinds of coffees do you like? We learned that 70% of you prefer light roasted coffees! And 80% want to choose between a light and a medium roast.

So starting today, you can choose from two different coffees - one light, one medium - and we’ll soon expand our offerings further.

We're kicking this off with a brand new, light roasted coffee. Rayos Del Sol - an organic, single origin Peru - was sourced and roasted by Intelligentsia Coffee. Its flavors remind us of apricot, lime, and molasses. We're thrilled to share it with you!

(To try it once: one-time purchases are now available. Perfect for testing out new coffees.)

Read on to learn more about Rayos Del Sol.

Who Grew the Coffee?

Percy Pintado, owner of Finca Rayos Del Sol, is based in the village of Alto Ihuamaca. His brothers, Jeffrey and Dionisio, own neighboring farms - and the three frequently collaborate to bring their coffees to market.

This organic farm maintains rigorous quality standards, as you’ll taste in the cup! To keep up with demand, the farm is planting new seedlings and adding more drying beds. Driven by Pintado’s commitment to sustainability, the farm also installed a composting system and a rainwater collection tank this year.

Fun fact: Pintado also owns a nearby general store, where he warehouses his coffee alongside dried beans and rice.

Who Roasted the Coffee?

Rayos Del Sol was sourced and roasted by our friends at Intelligentsia coffee. A pioneer in direct trade practices, Intelligentsia is renowned for its attention to detail and craft. They partner directly with coffee growers who share a commitment to sustainable farming and environmental practices.

What is a Light Roast Anyway?

We’re so glad you asked! Our VP of Ops, Leslie Mah, breaks down the science of coffee roasting in this blog post.

We Want to Hear from You!

What do you think of Rayos Del Sol? We’d love to hear from you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this coffee, and the wonderful people who grew and roasted it.

The Stats

Roast level: Light

Producer: Percy Pintado, Finca Rayos Del Sol

Country: Peru

Region: San Ignacio

Elevation: 1700-1850 meters

Variety: Bourbon

Roasted by: Intelligentsia Coffee