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4 Essential Tips on How To Be More Productive

Many people make up to 35,000 decisions a day, which can lead to decision fatigue. Decision Fatigue: You know, like when you mindlessly scroll through Netflix for 45 minutes and can’t find a single show or movie to watch. Or standing in front of your closet in the morning, bleary eyed and convinced you don’t…  


Sudden Recipes: Coconut Cinnamon Iced Coffee

There are so many different ways to enjoy Sudden other than the classic hot water and stir version. One of the best things about Sudden coffee is its versatility. Because Sudden is freeze dried, you can simply add it to the liquid of your choice. My personal favorite Sudden libation is an Iced version made…  


Sudden Heroes: Zach Vitale

1. First off, how do you like your coffee? Strong, with the exact amount of almond milk it takes to achieve “dark khaki pants” color. 2. Other than the boost, what is it that you love most about drinking coffee? I have a lot of crazy deadlines and I’m in front of a computer, thinking…  


Sudden Heroes: Adam Goldberg

This week’s Sudden Hero is Adam Goldberg, the editor in chief of Drift Magazine. Drift is a beautifully curated publication that focuses on the unique coffee culture of one city per issue, “Drift is about coffee, the people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit.”. Adam is a self described software engineer who loves…  


Sudden Heroes: Ludwig Van Beethoven

Do you get a high out of knowing exactly how many ounces of water go into each cup of your morning coffee? Do you own an array of measuring bowls and spoons in different shapes and colors? Do you have a precise routine that gets you prepared to face society each day? Does simply reading…  


Sudden Head of Coffee, Umeko Motoyoshi, Explains Our Latest Blend

Our most recent blend, FORE! is fruity and delicious- perfect for warm Summer days. “The San Francisco company’s fourth, and limited edition Fore! blend, from Colombia’s Nariño region and from San Jose Poaquil in Guatemala, is reminiscent of a peach lemonade—it’s even better without sweetener, so as to let the fruity notes shine through. It’s great…  


Sudden Heroes: Patti Smith

Coffee is artist and writer Patti Smith’s beverage of choice, and much like David Lynch, she’s not picky. On the advice of writer William S. Burroughs, Smith travelled to Veracruz, Mexico to taste the best coffee beans in the world- but she’s also cool with grabbing a large cup of 7- Eleven and a glazed…  


A History of Instant Coffee – It’s Older Than You Think!

Instant coffee may seem like a relatively modern convenience, but in fact it’s a lot older than many other inventions that we still use today. Here’s a quick rundown on the history of instant coffee: 1771 200 years after coffee is first introduced to Europe, John Dring is granted a patent by the British Government for a…  


Sudden Recipes: The Sudden Soda

It's sort of like iced coffee, sort of like coffee flavored LaCroix. One of my favorite things about Sudden is it's versatility. Our latest blend, Fore, is amazing over ice with a little bit of cream- but if you want to try something entirely new, try mixing your Sudden with sparkling water!  


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