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Don’t Get Into Hot Water: 3 Ways to Heat Up Your Travels

Keeping caffeinated while traveling can make you feel a little strung out. Gas station coffee is a step above sludge, and those hotel coffee pots are so full of bacteria, they’re practically health hazards. Stay sane with these three options to heat your own water. Electric Kettles One of the most time-tested ways to heat…  


12 Uses For Leftover Coffee Grounds

Enjoying a great cup of coffee is the best way to start your day. But it turns out your favorite drink is even better than you thought, because the benefits keep coming after you’re done with it — as long as you save the coffee grounds. Check out how coffee can improve your life long…  


How the Humble Coffee Bean Became the Beverage of Choice

Legend has it that coffee was first discovered in the ninth century by goat herders in Ethiopia when they noticed that their goats appeared to dance after consuming coffee berries found on the ground. Well, that was enough to tempt the herders into trying the beautiful berries for themselves. They made a drink out of…  


5 Reasons You Need a Coffee Subscription in 2018

Are you tired of waking up in the morning, ready for your cup of Joe only to remember that you’re out? What a bummer! With a coffee subscription, you will always have high-quality coffee on hand. Here are a few more reasons to try the latest subscription trend. 1. You’ll Never Wake Up Without Coffee…  


Suddenly Determine a Great Cup of Coffee

Coffee is a staple in almost every culture. And what makes a great cup of coffee is always subjective. One person may like it strong and black, another may prefer mild with cream and sugar. There is no wrong way to drink coffee, but here are some things you can look for to determine a…  


3 Ways to Get Hot Water On the Go

To enjoy the best instant coffee on the go, you’ll need access to hot water. Fortunately, finding hot water doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are three ways you can get access to hot water no matter where your day takes you. Ask for Hot Water at Restaurants Most restaurants will give you water, either…


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