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Cristalina: From Seed to Crystal

We’re excited to introduce our newest coffee, Cristalina! This single origin Colombian coffee was roasted by our friends at Equator Coffees – then gently brewed and crystallized here at Sudden. Its flavors remind us of fresh melon, Juicy Fruit gum, and chocolate chip cookies. Curious to try it? A free trial is available here. 


Introducing Sudden 3.0

We have big news at Sudden HQ, and we’re excited to finally share it with you! Today we start shipping out a new, improved Sudden – we call it Sudden 3.0. We’ve upgraded every aspect of the coffee, from head to toe. It’s a very big step forward and we’ve personally put a lot of…  


What Are You Waiting Fore?

We’re excited to introduce our newest coffee, Fore! Subtly fruity and pleasantly bright, this coffee reminds us of an Arnold Palmer with peach tea and raspberry lemonade. We even looked to the golf legend for our blend name! And it just so happens that this is our fourth coffee offering – AKA Coffee Number Fore!)…  


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