Sudden Coffee


How We Pick Our Coffees

There are thousands, if not millions, of incredible specialty coffees out there. Finding the exact ones we want to use here at Sudden isn’t as simple as tasting a coffee and going with it. Our Head of Coffee, Umeko, has a fairly detailed process she goes through to select new coffees. Here’s a detailed look…


How We’re Approaching Sustainability At Sudden Coffee

The last two years have been a whirlwind here at Sudden HQ. Learning how the startup world works, launching new products, and putting smiles on customers’ faces has been a wild ride—but we knew we didn’t want to stop there. Just as central to our mission of spreading stellar coffee is our mission to do…  


Try Sudden Coffee Twice For Free

There’s been a lot of demand over the years for a free trial offer, so we worked to make it happen: Now you can try Sudden Coffee for free. Simply cover the $3 shipping fee and we’ll have two tubes of coffee at your doorstep in 3-5 days. Why We’re Doing This You’ve asked about…


The Unlikely Origin Story Of Sudden Coffee

Josh will never forget the moment he met Kalle. He knocked on a door connected to a garage in San Francisco. The door opened, revealing a dark room filled with scientific equipment and a man, wide-eyed and wearing a dirty apron. “It was literally a mad scientist moment. I was just like ‘Who is this…  


Coffee Bean Types 101: Arabica, Single Origin, And Beyond

If you’ve been to any cafe recently, you’ve no doubt noticed that things are changing pretty quickly in the coffee world. The days of big red cans, bitter grounds, and tasteless instant coffee have passed—an era of rich, delicious coffee has arrived. But this new era is more complex than the last. There are so…  


What Do We Really Mean When We Say Specialty Coffee?

We’re proud to not just be an instant coffee company, but a specialty instant coffee company. But what do we actually mean when we say ‘specialty coffee’? Is there really a difference, or is it just all marketing trickery? We’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Specialty coffee is a distinct type…  


Don’t Get Into Hot Water: 3 Ways to Heat Up Your Travels

Keeping caffeinated while traveling can make you feel a little strung out. Gas station coffee is a step above sludge, and those hotel coffee pots are so full of bacteria, they’re practically health hazards. Stay sane with these three options to heat your own water. Electric Kettles One of the most time-tested ways to heat…  


12 Uses For Leftover Coffee Grounds

Enjoying a great cup of coffee is the best way to start your day. But it turns out your favorite drink is even better than you thought, because the benefits keep coming after you’re done with it — as long as you save the coffee grounds. Check out how coffee can improve your life long…  


How the Humble Coffee Bean Became the Beverage of Choice

Legend has it that coffee was first discovered in the ninth century by goat herders in Ethiopia when they noticed that their goats appeared to dance after consuming coffee berries found on the ground. Well, that was enough to tempt the herders into trying the beautiful berries for themselves. They made a drink out of…  


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