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Sudden is all about making great coffee easy, fun and accessible. 

Our approach is simple. We buy amazing coffee from farmers and roasters we know and trust. Next, we turn these beans into instant powder using our top secret process. There's nothing we can add - we just try not to screw it up.



Joshua Zloof

Co-Founder & CEO

A lover of food & technology, Josh was the lead Product Manager for Breadcrumb point-of-sale. Previously, he was an Operations & Supply Chain Consultant at McKinsey & Co. Now it’s time to get his hands dirty with coffee.



Kalle Freese

Co-Founder & CPO

Kalle is two-time Finnish Barista Champion and was ranked as the 9th best barista in the world in 2015. Before tinkering with instant coffee he founded award-winning Freese Coffee in Helsinki.


You? We're hiring for various positions.

It's a pretty cool opportunity. I mean, products that revolutionize the whole coffee industry don't come along every day. Shoot us an email and let's grab coffee.