Sudden Coffee


How It Works

By partnering with Sudden, you can create your own specialty instant and leverage all the benefits that Sudden has to offer.


Send Us Your Beans

Roast your specialty beans and ship them to us.
Light or dark, blend or single origin - doesn't matter! We can brew any coffee.
Every cup is brewed with our proprietary gentle brewing method

Customize Your Packaging

Every run of Sudden gets the following :

1 Custom branded 4-pack box stamped with Sudden's insignia for quality
2 Custom branded tube labels
3 Custom branded coffee-specific insert
4 Sudden Proccess accordion insert

We Turn Your Coffee Into Sudden

We invented our process in 2015 and have been perfecting it ever since.
We start with trained brewers using proprietary equipment to gently brew your beans.
To maximize flavor, coffee gets freeze-dried in small batches.
This process produces revolutionary instant coffee!

Crafted to turn your coffee breaks into moments of bliss.


Sell Your Sudden

Sell it everywhere: cafes, online, to wholesale accounts.
Drive an additional $20,000+ a month in revenue!
Unlock new opportunities with a 9 month shelf life.

We're always experimenting with new ways to use Sudden. Feel free to reach out and inquire if you have an idea!

Ready to Partner with Sudden?

We're always looking to partner with new roasters as well as wholesale accounts. Just reach out!

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