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Single Origin Coffees

We use high-quality single-origin beans. Single-origin means all the beans in a batch came from the same farmer. We use single origin beans because they allow sharp and distinct flavors to come through in the coffee.

We rotate our coffees every couple months, so you get to try new flavors - with single origin beans, the coffee farms run out of a specific coffee & therefore we have to keep fresh “Green Coffee’s” coming in from our roasters each season.


We use coffees that are roasted on the lighter range of the spectrum. Again, lighter roasts preserve a lot of the distinct and interesting flavors instead of giving you that 'burnt' taste we all know too well.

We do not roast coffee ourselves. We work with a few premium roasters in the industry - 49th Parallel, Ritual Roasters, and Saint Frank Coffee.


Even with the best beans, a lot of the magic happens during brewing. Your barista is in charge of extracting the best elements from the beans to extract the coffees perfectly.

Well-brewed coffee is sweet and mellow, & reflects the characteristics of origin where the coffee is grown. However poorly brewing the same beans can result in sour and or bitter flavors.

We use a rigorous and consistent process to extract the best flavors out of our coffee.


The combination of these aspects results in coffees that have special flavors. Depending on their origin you will get different notes. Coffees from East Africa typically have fruity notes such as blueberry or citrus while Central American coffees tend to be more chocolatey and round.

The flavors in our coffees are delicate and smooth due to the intense focus that is given to them throughout the whole process. The taste should never be burnt or bitter.

Our coffee is super smooth - no need cream and sugar.