Sudden Coffee

July's coffee - Deri

drying beds in ethiopia


Grown in Sidamo, right outside Yirgacheffe, Deri is collected from various private washing stations within the region. This lot is purchased out of the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX); as are all private washing station coffees as per Ethiopian law, rendering full traceability dubious at best. The struggle with getting sweet, clean, delicious coffee out of this region absolutely relies on the people working each day, tending to their trees, and only delivering ripe fruit. This is easier said than done when you have countless smallholder farmers to work with, but those who deliver to the washing stations in this region do a fantastic job.

With lush forests and incredible biodiversity, as well as commitment to quality, this is such a special place. We do hope that one day there will be ability to seek full traceability on lots like these. With the ECX barcode system that is slowly being rolled out as of last year, we are on the way to seeing that happen. 

With soft honey aromatics, and vibrant flavours of meyer lemon and yellow plum, this is a stunning example of a fresh crop Sidamo coffee.

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