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Imagine a delicious mug of coffee from your favorite specialty coffee shop. Now imagine it in your pocket, except it doesn’t spill, look funny, or make it difficult to walk. When it’s time for a tasty afternoon energy boost, you pull the mug out of your pocket and enjoy the coffee as if it was just brewed for you moments ago by a champion barista.

This is the delightful reality we set out to achieve when we launched Sudden Coffee. We knew there had to be a way to make instant coffee that could beat the flavor of our favorite hip cafes—and we found it.


Freeze Drying: How To Make Instant Coffee That’s Delicious

The standard approach to making instant coffee uses huge batches of low-grade coffee and a method called “spray drying”. It’s fast, cost-efficient, and great for big business. The downside? Both the low-grade robusta beans and drying process result in a bitter, dull flavor.

Because we’re after stunning flavor, we take a different approach that’s more like baking than manufacturing. After designing and brewing the coffee in small batches, Umeko, our Head of Coffee, transforms it into freeze dried coffee by freezing it at sub-zero temperatures so its flavor and aromas are preserved in the crystals.

Freeze dried coffee isn’t easy or quick to make, but it’s the only way to make specialty instant coffee that’s ripe with flavor and smooth like a cup of your favorite pour over.

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Regular Instant Coffee

Low-grade Robusta Coffee
Batch Brewed
Spray-dried Coffee

Sudden Instant Coffee

Specialty-grade Arabica Beans
Freeze Dried Coffee

Every Coffee is Hand-Picked

Umeko carefully selects each coffee to ensure we’re only starting with sustainably sourced and high-quality beans. Every coffee is specialty-grade arabica, which means it’s rich with incredible flavors, a refreshing sweetness, and virtually no bitterness. Other instant coffee is made with bitter robusta beans

After creating a custom roast strategy with our roasting partners, Umeko brews the coffee in small batches to produce a brew like a pour over. This allows us to capture the complex, smooth, and sweet flavors specialty coffee is known for when we turn it into freeze dried coffee.

100 % Arabica
Direct Trade

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Every Tube is Sustainable

We couldn’t stand to add more plastic waste to the world, so all of our beans are packaged with 100% compostable PLA tubes and labels. Since we launched, we’ve also cut our water and energy usage by 80%.

We’ve discovered not only how to make instant coffee that’s tasty, but also how to make it sustainable. Now you can enjoy single-serve tubes without fear of increasing your personal carbon footprint.

Meet Our Roasting Partners

Equator Coffees

In 1995, when business partners Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell started roasting in a garage in Marin County, it marked the beginning of a journey to build a high-impact coffee company focused on quality, sustainability and social responsibility. 

Equator believes that quality underlies economic and environmental sustainability, and this is the pillar of our approach. We support environmentally sound certifications, as well as practices that produce the highest quality coffee while securing a dignified life for those who produce it.

In 2016, the U.S. Small Business Administration honored Equator by naming us the "National Small Business of the Year

Learn more about Equator Coffees

Intelligentsia Coffees

Doug Zell and Emily Mange founded Intelligentsia in 1995 in Chicacgo's eclectic Lakeview neighborhood. Roasting their coffee in-store, with equipment that was more antique than state-of-the-art, they honed their craft, seeking nothing less than perfection in every aspect of the experience.

Intelligentsia ties adherence to sustainable farming and environmental practices with our commitment to paying above Fair Trade prices for truly outstanding coffee. Because of this, we’re able to provide you with exclusive, remarkable coffees you won’t find anywhere else.

Today, Intelligentsia believes coffee in all its forms should be an approachable, accessible luxury. Our goal is to make our coffee a memorable addition to any experience, and to make the act of preparing and enjoying a cup of our coffee an experience in and of itself.

Learn more about Intelligentsia

How to Make Instant Coffee the Sudden Way

Here’s how easy it is to have an instant coffee experience that’s not only quick and easy, but super tasty

How to Make Sudden
  1. 1

    Take your freeze dried coffee crystals and pour them into a mug or glass

  2. 2

    Use warm or room-temp water and gentle stirring to dissolve it

  3. 3

    Dilute with hot water to produce a rich, balanced mug of specialty coffee

  • Maxwell Lloyd

    “I love a good cup of coffee. Sudden has far exceeded my expectations for what was possible with instant coffee. The whole experience has been 5+ stars. It isn't just a good cup, it's a great cup.”

    —Maxwell Lloyd
  • Megan Stewart

    “Quick and convenient and still delicious. I like to keep a capsule on me so I can have a quick cup whenever I want! Best instant coffee I've ever tried and one of the best coffees in general.”

    —Megan Stewart
  • SamueLouis Schaefer

    “The best instant coffee I have ever had by far. I am still the kind of person to carry brewing equipment every time I travel but I would consider leaving it behind now that I have tried sudden."

    SamueLouis Schaefer