Sudden Coffee


Craft coffee meets convenience.

We've brought together a team of engineers & experts from the top coffee companies with a single goal: how to make instant coffee amazing.


To make Sudden Coffee possible,
we had to reinvent every step.

Made with single-origin beans from Equator Coffee

Sudden Coffee starts with the highest quality beans available - they're the starting point for how we make instant coffee incredible. Specialty grade coffee beans bring natural sweetness, intense aroma, and smooth flavor.
Other brands make instant coffee from commodity robusta coffee.

Brewed with a revolutionary method, totally new to making instant coffee

Our secret method brews beans gently - like a pour-over! This lets us capture complex, fruity flavor notes without the bitterness instant coffee is known for.
Other companies make instant coffee by brewing at high temperature, turning coffee into burnt pulp.

Our coffee is freeze dried in small batches

Freeze-drying coffee dehydrates it using a vacuum instead of heat. We freeze dry coffee because it preserves fragile aromatic molecules.
Other instant is spray-dried with heat - which leaves an ashy bitter taste and is a recipe for how to make instant coffee gross.

Sustainably packaged with a 6-month shelf life

We know how to make instant coffee taste great *and* last long. After freeze drying, our coffee is finally packaged in air-tight, compostable tubes. Each tube has a shelf life of 6 months or longer, so you'll never have too much.
Other instant coffee is stored in large jars that lose their flavor within days, even if they are freeze dried coffee and not spray dried.