Sudden Coffee


A great cup of coffee can transform your day. It makes you feel good, makes you smile and brings people together. Our mission is to make great coffee easy for everyone to experience.

Great coffee takes time and effort

Often the nearby cafe has a long line
or you have to deal with expensive equipment that can get messy.

The story behind Sudden Coffee

Kalle Freese Two-time Finland Barista Champion & 9th best Barista in the World (2015)
Joshua Zloof Engineer with a love for great user experiences & hospitality

Kalle started off as a passionate Barista in pursuit of the perfect cup. He later opened his own cafe in his hometown of Helsinki where his passion shifted to getting great coffee into the hands of as many people as possible. The opportunity to maximize this goal presented itself to him the evening When sitting on a plane sipping the stale, instant coffee he'd been served, he wondered "Can I make this kind of coffee great?" Soon Sudden Coffee was born.

Josh has always been fascinated with how technology could bring joy and happiness to people's lives. After working on Breadcrumb, an app for high-end restaurants, he realized hospitality was a way to do this. Josh was introduced to Kalle shortly after he moved to San Francisco to launch Sudden Coffee. It was clear their passion for hospitality and joy was the same. Today, Josh is focused on bringing that wonderful cafe experience to all Sudden Coffee customers.