Sudden Coffee

1-cup custom orders (non-subscription)

$ 4.00

1-cup custom orders (non-subscription)
1-cup custom orders (non-subscription) 1-cup custom orders (non-subscription) 1-cup custom orders (non-subscription) 1-cup custom orders (non-subscription) 1-cup custom orders (non-subscription)

Making coffee fun

Our goal with Sudden is to help you enjoy great coffee anywhere.

We work with roasters who buy the best beans directly from the farmers all around the world. Each cup is then ground and brewed by hand before being turned into Sudden at our HQ in San Francisco.

The beans

100% El Tambo, Nariño, Colombia
Roasted by 49th Parallel in Vancouver, BC.

Varieties: Caturra, Castillo
Altitude: 1800 - 2000 masl.

Nariño really knocked it out of the park this past year with sweet, clean, vibrant coffees. El Tambo (just north of the Galeras volcano) is Quechua for “way home, or a place to stay”, and this region, along with Yacuanquer (further south) produced lots with exceptional structure and sweetness - a great feat for smallholder farmers who are in an extremely rural situation

— Laura Perry, Green Coffee Buyer at 49th Parallel

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, orange peel, creamy mouthfeel

The deal

Receive coffee once a month, cancel any time by emailing us. Each cup costs $5 and the minimum order is 6 cups per month. Sudden comes in increments of 12 - increasing the "Quantity" by one will get you 12 more cups per month.


Free shipping in the USA

$10 shipping per order anywhere else in the world