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Playa Coffee 8-cups
Playa Coffee 8-cups
Playa Coffee 8-cups
Playa Coffee 8-cups
Playa Coffee 8-cups
Playa Coffee 8-cups

Playa Coffee 8-cups


$ 19.00

I'm one of the founders of Sudden Coffee and I'm also a burner. I first became passionate about the idea of serving food & drinks as a way to make people feel good after I gave my first gift on the playa - a blueberry smoothie - in exchange I got a bear hug and made a friend. My entire philosophy (and the approach I've applied to Sudden Coffee) has come out of that moment.

When I first started working on Sudden Coffee, using it on the playa was one of the first things I thought about. I finally used it there in 2016 and it was...amazing!!!

As a business, the product we offer is a subscription service (with lots of special goodies in the box) BUT until 8/15 as a secret product offering, I'm making these packs available to the community without a subscription - buy as many as you want. My team (not all burners) may give me the stink-eye for this...sorry guys!

4 Reasons Sudden Coffee is EPIC on the playa:

  1. It mixes in cold water - just pour water in your cup, shake, and you have coffee
  2. It mixes in whiskey (without diluting the drink) - Jameson + 1 tube + ice = amazing
  3. Hot coffee in the morning without going to center camp - I especially need this during build days
  4. It TASTES really really good. This is NOT Starbucks Via, this coffee tastes like mana from the gods

I hope you enjoy!

- Josh


Want a supply for your camp? This works.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Sudden Coffee, we are committed to providing a high-quality product that exceeds all expectations. If your are ever unsatisfied, we are unsatisfied and will work to remedy the situation.